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155: 3 grams

The top of the alternative bleach bottle that I lost down into the mechanisms of the clothes washer weighed about 8 grams. I know this because the top from the real bleach bottle fits onto the alternative bleach bottle weighs … Continue reading

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156: Resuscitating a drowned ipod

Here’s the particulars (should you find yourself in need): 1) Said ipod (and ear buds) were drowned in a front-loading washer, set to the longest cycle on hot. [2) I did not do this step, because it terrified me, but … Continue reading

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15 Years Ago

15 years ago today, in a field in Maryland, these really young looking people got married.

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157: Birthday Wishes

My friend, Fredna, likes chickens because of her Cursillo connections, so when I happened upon this lovely creamer, I thought it was about perfect: And, in case you’re wondering, yes, the cream pours out from the chicken’s beak.

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158: HEM Interview About Spokane Homeschoolers

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEM SUPPORT GROUP NEWS – MARCH 2006 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~MARCH’S HIGHLIGHT ~ISSUES TO WATCH ~COMMUNITY SERVICE ~CONFERENCES ~WEB UPDATES ~ ONLINE HOME EDUCATION MAGAZINE ARCHIVES ~HEM RESOURCES AND MORE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MARCH’S HIGHLIGHT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This month’s Home Education Magazine Support Group … Continue reading

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159: Skein Tensioner

When I got back from Camp Pluckyfluff a few weeks ago, this was waiting for me: It’s a skein tensioner that Michael had worked on all day to make.  (Shown here with yarn that I spun at Camp Pluckyfluff, that’s … Continue reading

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160: Happy Birthday, Brooke

My niece, Brooke, is turning one, and I am in California to meet her and attend her party.  Farmerteen ships off to camp tomorrow, so neither she nor Michael came along. I decided something homemade was the way to go, … Continue reading

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161: Harry Potter and the Amazing Andi Scrap

My friend Andi, mother of Hannah, pictured below, left, is really good at taking, developing, and getting pictures up online and into scrapbooks. By “really good” I mean amazing. Case in point: This picture was taken less than 12 hours … Continue reading

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162: Bananas

Ahh, advertisers embracing what people already do with their products . . .

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163: Sawyer Extractor

The Extractor is the niftiest invention since . . . since another really nifty invention. If you live around stinging insects, it’s particularly useful for removing the venom of their bites. Fortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity need to try … Continue reading

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