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Week 17: Community of St. Ann’s, 27 April 2008

We can’t become Catholic. Between papal infallibility, transubstantiation, and the call to ordination being limited to less than half the population, there’s some insurmountable philosophical issues that would prevent us from conversion. But if we were Catholic, we’d probably go … Continue reading

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Kingdom Hall Announcement 4/27/2008

The number one search that has resulted in hits to the 52 Churches Project in the last few days is from people looking to find out what the Kingdom Hall Announcement of 4/27/2008 was going to be.

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Preaching and Practicing the Gospel

This morning, in the shower, my brain posited the following question to myself: Which is worse: A church that preaches, but doesn’t practice the Gospel? or a church that practices, but doesn’t preach the Gospel? The question was a culmination … Continue reading

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Week 16: Riverstone Community Church, Wesleyan, 20 April 2008

Riverstone Community Church is a tiny Wesleyan church in Post Falls, ID. We overshot their parking lot and ended up in the parking lot of the overwhelmingly large North Country Chapel, which afforded ample opportunity for popping a U-ie and … Continue reading

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Week 15: St. Aloysius, 13 April 2008

We were going to go to St. Ann’s, but their service is at 9am, downtown. We were going to go to Mt. St. Michael’s at 10:30am out on the prairie, but Michael (the hubby, not the saint) said he couldn’t … Continue reading

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Week 14: Peace Lutheran Church, 6 April 2008

“So much for the gluten-free church,” Michael whispered to me, as we started singing the third hymn that involved the growing of wheat. My mom suffers from Celiac Disease, and we’re ever-vigilant about gluten in our meals at home and … Continue reading

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It looks like the Jedis have it. It looks like becoming a Jedi might include a little more physical prowess than I had anticipated.

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We’ve Decided to Convert*

After nearly 14 years as Episcopalians, we’ve decided to convert, but since the 52 Churches project has been public, we’re enlisting your help to decide what we’ll convert to.

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