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Week 26a: Kaleo (redux), 29 June 2008

If you’ve already read the Holy Cow! post, you know that we doubled back on Kaleo this week. So even though Kaleo had the morning service, it’s week 26a because it has already been counted as one of the 52. … Continue reading

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Week 26: Holy Trinity Episcopal, 29 June 2008

I think preachers, like most teachers, have somewhere between 1-3 good sermons in them (teachers have 1-3 really good lessons). In the grander scheme of possible sermons, “The Kingdom of God is Here” ranks pretty high in my book, right … Continue reading

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Week 26: Holy Cow! We made it to the hump!

This week (26) is one of the two middle weeks. Did anyone think we’d make it this far? Did you have the same doubts we did? (Actually, I thought Michael was really ready to jump ship back around week 10 … Continue reading

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Week 25: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox, 22 June 2008

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox is about the prettiest church we’ve been to this year. This is due, at least in part, to the stained glass, the dome, and the icons in the sanctuary. Farmergirl was a little weirded out by … Continue reading

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Week 24: Unity Church of Truth, 15 June 2008

“What musical is this from?” Elaine whispered to me, as we sang Let There Be Peace on Earth (And Let It Begin With Me) toward the end of today’s service. Heck, I don’t know. I often misidentify songs from musicals … Continue reading

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Almost Over the Hump

Over pho the other night, Michael and I were discussing the project (actually, neither of us had pho–we went to what used to be Kim Do Pho and is now Le’s Teriyaki, and Michael opted for spring rolls and egg … Continue reading

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Housing. Strawbale. Cob. Habitat.

Crosswalk has a “Squares that Care” project they’re starting Saturday the 14th (at 10am, if you’re local and interested in attending). Their goal is to “crochet together two blankets to provide as Christmas presents for homeless Rogers High students this … Continue reading

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Week 23: Crosswalk Community Church, 8 June 2008

Ahh, the places our meanderings take us. Our ending up at Crosswalk Community Church this morning started with Farmergirl and I going to Kaleo without Michael (he was on the Cursillo weekend), and me poking around, looking at the “Emergent/Emerging” … Continue reading

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I’m starting a list of movies (I’m not against also including books, but I was starting with movies) whose theme is redemption — and I’m asking you to play along on the home game. You can add via the “comments” … Continue reading

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Hoover for the text. Click to enlarge.

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