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334: Contrast

Out on the prairie, at this time of year, it is often difficult to see what is prairie and what is sky.

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335: Rime

We always say that Eskimos have a gazillion different words for snow, without thinking that maybe we have a number of English words for snow that we don’t really use. I ended up at when I went in search … Continue reading

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336: Slipper Socks

As you may recall, we spent this Christmas driving around, delivering baked goods to the folks we knew were going to be alone because the service (and brunch) were canceled. Despite our somewhat morose and not very festive mood, Farmergirl … Continue reading

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337: Farmerteen’s Year of Firsts

Goodbye, Farmergirl. Hello, Farmerteen! Farmerteen has newly-dyed hair (brown), and is serving dinner at her youth group this evening (Fall Bake, salad, and Vanilla, Butter, and Nut Pound Cake). She has decided this should be a “year of firsts” . … Continue reading

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338: Farmergirl’s Last Day

This is Farmergirl’s last day as Farmergirl. I thought you would enjoy these shots, taken last week.

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339: Farmergirl’s Wish List

Farmergirl’s birthday is Wednesday, and I am oft asked what would she like. Her current wish list (beyond her love of iTunes and Claires) includes: Now 29 (CD) Yet Another Cinderella Story sound track The Twilight books on CD Any … Continue reading

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340: Jobs Programs for the Middle Class

I once worked for a literacy organization who served the homeless and other economically disadvantaged groups, the head of which used to say that too many social services organizations are really just jobs programs for the middle class. He was … Continue reading

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341: Issac Jabez-Obama Williams

The birth of Issac Jabez-Obama Williams was announced in the bulletin today at Bethel AME. It was the second service we attended (earlier, the 9am at ECOR), and included no fewer than three sermons, two altar calls, and two offerings. … Continue reading

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342: A Modern Litany for a New Era

My friend Linda sent me a link to this video this morning. She didn’t specify why. I like that about her.

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343: I’ve Got No Good Answers — I Probably Don’t Even Know the Question

The average age of our collective NW friends is about fifty three. We’re largely the youngest folks in many of the circles we travel. Consequently, we’ve watched several friends go through the following scenario(s): Aging mother and/or father: Develops cancer … Continue reading

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