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305: Sunrise through the Clouds

Well, dang. The sun was just here. I’m blaming Farmerteen, who woke up on the wrong side of the bed (apparently the side that’s against the WALL), and whose Gloomy Gus, pouty puss went outside, and chased the sun away. … Continue reading

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306: Root Soup

I don’t remember exactly what went into this soup. I think it was onion, turnip, rutabaga, carrot, and celery. There’s probably kale that I added in after I blenderized the root vegetables. The original recipe suggested adding salsa on top … Continue reading

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307: Casulties of the Snow

We (not personally, the region) lost a lot of buildings this winter during the snows that fell from December right into January. This is our neighbor’s barn, which was NOT one we expected to fall. There were a surprising number … Continue reading

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308: Opa’s Birthday Dinner

My dad never wants anything for his birthday (or Christmas, or anniversary . . .). He’s also no good at saving up what he wants as a list, and then requesting that. So I decided to cook a dinner he … Continue reading

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309: Clubhouse

This little house in in the woods off Bigelow Gulch between Theirman and Florida. You can’t see from this shot, but it’s two or three stories tall. It’s got a lot of windows, and is like a Mad Hatter cottage. … Continue reading

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310: Withdraw symptoms

As per the six week Fuhrman diet, I have stopped drinking coffee, and am now suffering the effects of withdraw. I think part of my headache is due to the vicious head cold that Michael seems intent on giving us … Continue reading

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311: Saving the personal letter

I haven’t got a personal letter in ages. To be fair, I haven’t sent one, either. I’ve decided to leave Facebook, and to write an actual, paper, snail mail letter to anyone who sends me their addy. A few summers … Continue reading

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312: Botticelli’s Spaghetti Ice

Botticelli’s is a little icecream place down in Temple Bar, in Dublin. It was a chilly night out, and Michael was already cold (probably the beginning of the nasty chest cold he’s now hacking up), so he ordered chocolate cake. … Continue reading

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313: Piperade

We watched a bit of television when we were in Ireland. It’s interesting to see what kinds of things entertain audiences in other parts of the globe. While I was showering one morning, Farmergirl watched a morning show that was … Continue reading

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314: Bok Choy Soup

This soup is sort of from this recipe: I used over a dozen fresh shitake mushrooms, four cups of chicken broth, a large bag of Bok Choy (leaves, stems and all), and no tofu in my version.

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