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243: Kale Frittata, Melon, and Panzanella

My variation on a lovely theme is to increase the amount of kale and reduce the amount of egg and cheese in Orangette’s Kale Frittata. It’s my method of getting a dish I really like a little more in line … Continue reading

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244: Panzanella

My panzanella was inspired by Ina Garten’s at Leite’s Culinaria. Generally speaking, I don’t like “mushy bread,” so it was quite a surprise to Michael when I made this, as it involves vinaigrette on bread, which certainly can result in … Continue reading

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245: Farmerteen’s Flowers

This really isn’t about the food so much as Farmerteen’s riot of colour in the flowers at the table. She and Oma bought a bouquet of coloured daisies at the grocers, and then, as they wilted, Farmerteen culled them, cut … Continue reading

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246: Leftovers

Who thought leftovers could be this good? On this plate, on the bed of lettuce, is sliced starfruit, a fennel-and-cabbage salad (with a cinnamon/cumin sort of “vinaigrette”), and roasted tomatoes, Molly Wizenberg’s Pomodori al Forno, with goat cheese.

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247: Sunset

I think this sunset was enhanced by that volcano eruption in Alaska. I’m sorry Alaska is going Pompeii on you, northern neighbors, but it does make for a lovely sunset down here.

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248: Snail Hat

Have you seen this snail hat before? Poor, homely snail hat. It’s got the lovely snail and all those beautiful lady bug beads . . . and I can’t remember if I wrote about it already or not.

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249: Mystery Breakfast

Obviously, this breakfast isn’t entirely a mystery. There’s two oranges and a piece of toast. I’m not real clear on what’s in the eggs, though. Probably kale. And onions. Maybe some cheese. Could be asparagus. Or beans. Or spinach. It … Continue reading

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250: Tofu and Beans

When you write “tofu and beans” it feels like you’re writing “beans and beans.” I thought this was probably Sichuan Tofu and Green Beans, but I went back into the archive, and I see that I made Sichuan Tofu with … Continue reading

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251: Skull Mug

This is Farmerteen, Easter morning, with her skull mug. She’s extra happy, because it’s not just a skull mug, but it’s a skull mug full of Butterfingers.

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252: Moose Angel

This moose angel is actually from the winter before last (2007-08). Unfortunately, I was right up on it with the tractor before I knew what it was, and I’d all ready run over half of it. If you look carefully, … Continue reading

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