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212: Michael’s Arsenal

Michael has been threatening to get a large arsenal as Farmerteen is blossoming into a young woman. After her trip to Art Fest, she decided to make improvements on the face painting, and landed here:

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213: Greekish Salad

I keep making versions of this salad. It’s greens, with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, peppers, and hummus. I’ve found the hummus rounds it out nicely, and I don’t feel the need for bread so strongly.

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214: Art Fest

Michael wasn’t really up for Art Fest this weekend, so Farmerteen and I snuck in a visit between seeing Reptileman and our truncated visit to again not pick up completed plans from the engineer. Whilst there, she thought face-painting might … Continue reading

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215: When in Doubt, Resort to Kittens

I’m not really in doubt . . . but I have pictures of the teeny kitties from right after they opened their eyes, and really, who doesn’t like kittens?

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216: Out in the Barn

I didn’t really mean to take a movie out in the barn. I actually went out to take stills of the kittens.

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217: The Debate

While I was in the store buying the bottle of wine from the last post, the clerk and the bagger and I had a lively debate on whether the wine was meant to placate a bitch, or keep one from … Continue reading

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218: ‘Nuf Said

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219: Baked Asparagus

Sometimes, like roasted cauliflower, a vegetable just needs the right treatment to go from eh to spectacular. Like cauliflower, a little time in the oven, or on the grill with a coating of olive oil and a shake of sea … Continue reading

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220: Leftover Grilled Corn

What to do with leftover grilled corn on a brisk May evening? Corn-beans-tomatoes-cilantro-celery-peppers scramble! I threw in a little chili powder and some cumin seeds to round it out, and served it with a salad.

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221: Omelet, Unscrambled

While I was gone to Maryland, Farmerteen called me to tell me she had made crumps.  As you may or may not suspect, she meant to make crepes (which are surprisingly simple — our friends gave us an in-service one … Continue reading

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