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180: Goat Wrangling

We have an issue in the barn . . . the kittens contracted conjunctivitis, which jumped to the pygmy goat. He doesn’t much care to be wrestled to have the terramycin added to his eye twice a day, so we’ve … Continue reading

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181: Let Sleeping Babies Lie

Michael’s primary purpose for owning a camera is to take pictures of people who are sleeping. I say this: Sometimes I wake up grumpy. Most of the time, I let her sleep. 🙂 On the other hand, we also subscribe … Continue reading

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182: Camp Pluckyfluff

Woot! Camp Pluckyfluff was held this weekend at Paradise Fibers with the fabulous Lexi Boeger. For two days, she taught us to spin amazing crazy yarns. Here’s a cloud she spun: And the table, full of the skeins the class … Continue reading

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183: Tomatoes

These tomatoes are ripe . . . they’re just green. Yum.

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184: Five Lessons

I should probably stop reading blogs by well-meaning teachers because first they make me sad, and then they make me rant. The question the author, Jill Guerra, purports to ask herself is a good one: “I concerned only with control … Continue reading

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185: No Small Wonder

Why is our democracy so apathetic? Might it be because we’re training our children, in their formative years, systematically, in schools, to expect that the Constitution is meaningless? Last spring, I attended a lecture by Naomi Wolf, who said, “It’s … Continue reading

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186: Eight Track Tape

Jesse Scacciawrote: One attitude among some homeschoolers that I find endlessly frustrating is that, as you say, you “don’t need to know.. how the other half works.” Don’t you think this sounds a little arrogant? Don’t you think you sound … Continue reading

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187: Huddled Masses

A response to Jesse Scaccia’s assertion that homeschoolers are arrogant in our assertion that we understand how the public school teaching profession works. This is how public education works: A bunch of previously ideological “teachers” get a captive audience of … Continue reading

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188: Any Questions?

This is your Jen: This is your Jen after two trips to the building department and a whole host of setbacks: Any questions? Actually, I have one. Want to buy a 45′ geodesic dome kit? Includes hubs, 2bys, sheathing, windows, … Continue reading

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189: The Etymology of Crepes (Father’s Day Breakfast)

Condiments (raspberry curd (made fresh this morning), lemon curd, Nutella, strawberries). Poured (not to kill the magic — but crepes are just really thin pancakes). Bubbled (again, just like a pancake). Flipped (can you see where the hotspot in me … Continue reading

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