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190: Roasted Corn, Asparagus, and Cauliflower

Because most of our culture creates meals centered around meat, it’s hard for omnivores to imagine what we must eat that’s mostly vegan and not high carb. When I tell them we eat plates of veggies, the look they give … Continue reading

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191: Deck Shade Project

Last year, I set up one (sad, lonely) hog panel that curved out from the house and rested against the rail. On it, I fastened a roll of reed mat (available in the garden section) to shade the huge windows … Continue reading

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192: Tuesday Knitting Group

This group waxes and wanes, and the membership is always a little different from week to week. Ironically, it was Ennalorac (seen here in red) who first thought we ought to have a crafting retreat at Camp Cross . . … Continue reading

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193: Farmerteen’s New Do

Poor Farmerteen. She has straight, thin hair like the paternal side of her family. I convinced her that she ought to stop trying to fight what it is, and work with it. She’s not convinced that she adores it yet. … Continue reading

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194: Hitler Danced a Happy Jig

So Farmerteen is doing a research/writing project based on the latest anti-homeschooling screed published in our fair state. This is what she’s working on: Monday: Create an outline of Robert Mitchell’s essay. Does he do what he set out to … Continue reading

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195: Who’s Dog Is This?

Okay–so I confess that when I went into the (new) groomer’s this morning, I did say, “Take it all off.” But I have always said that to every groomer. And none of them have ever taken his eyebrows. So it … Continue reading

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196: Redneck Rainbow

This is how you know you live out in country. First, you get beautiful rainbows over the gorgeous forest. Then you have thoughts like this: Pots of gold and leprechauns, my ass. There’s a gold bulldozer at the end of … Continue reading

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197: Parents Must Consider Disadvantages Before Public Schooling

Is there something in the water? This is in response to the op-ed piece Parents must consider disadvantages before home schooling from THE OLYMPIAN, June 12, 2009 Public schooling has become an attractive alternative to homeschool or private school. Parents … Continue reading

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198: Block Stack Power Shack

Yesterday: Moved 192 blocks, at 42.5 lbs each (19kg), that’s 8,160 pounds (3,648 kg) . . . or 4 tons. Of concrete block. (288 total). Today: Stacked 144 blocks for the last three rows. Although it would have been rather … Continue reading

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199: Camp Cross

Camp Cross is an Episcopal camp on over 100 acres on a peninsula on Lake Coeur d’Alene. Although back in “the day” they used to march campers around the marsh land (lugging all their gear!), it is now reachable by … Continue reading

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