Week 4: Abston Church of Christ, 27 January 2008

We’re snowed in this morning, with about 9″ of accumulation, snow still falling, a heavy snow advisory under effect, police on both sides of the border telling people to stay home unless they absolutely must go out, and the folks got a call from their church (see Week 2), saying they were cancelled for this morning. It’s quite something when a church like Foothills Community cancels, as most of the people who attend there live up here in the woods, are pretty stalwart, and drive 4WD vehicles.

We’ll probably also attend a real church service this week, but my friend Elaine sent me an email this morning, saying she’d like to go to the Abston Church of Christ sometime. As it turns out, not only can you go see the Abston Church of Christ, you can also read the first sermon given by the Rev. John Ashley, which, as far as minifig sermons go, isn’t a bad one.

Post Script:

Google posted this image on their homepage today, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Lego. Of religious note on the Lego front, I should also mention The Brick Testament, an online Lego-illustrated Bible.

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