Almost Over the Hump

Over pho the other night, Michael and I were discussing the project (actually, neither of us had pho–we went to what used to be Kim Do Pho and is now Le’s Teriyaki, and Michael opted for spring rolls and egg drop soup, and I had the B.1, which is the vermicelli bowl (Bún thịt nướng) . . . slightly different from the Nhuy Rooster Grill’s V.7, but quite lovely). We’ve hit a bit of a wall, here at not-quite-midway. He said at some point, it was a little like being in a really large art musuem . . . where you get overwhelmed and end up at, “Yep, there’s another impressionist; yep, there’s another realist; yep, there’s another cubist,” and you lose sight of the individual paintings. And, in some ways, we *have* hit that with evangelical churches, megachurches, liturgical churches.

So we’re kind of regrouping for the project. There’s several kinds of churches we really want Farmergirl to have exposure to, we’re still taking suggestions, and we’re still planning to see the next 28 weeks out, but I think there’s things we’ll start to actively avoid here on out. For example, we’re planning to go Greek Orthodox next week, and the Quakers, Pentecostals, Unitarians, LDS, Congregationalists, Plymouth Brethren, Anglican and Methodist (to round out the liturgical traditions), the Light of the Gospel Slavic Baptist church (which, if I’ve ever sent you directions to my house from the Valley, you’ll recognize as one of the landmarks), and we have an architectural series we’d like to do (if for no other reason than there are some gorgeous churches downtown). If you want to play along, or if you have somewhere you’d like us to check out, we’re generally still game.

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