253: Kinder Eir TV Guys

Americans are stupid.

We’re so stupid that our government is working hard to protect us from plastic toys that come in chocolate eggs. See, the toy, according to our government, is “embedded” in the chocolate, so we’re liable to choke on it. So they fine folks 10,000 USD if they are caught sending Kinder Eir to folks here. Nevermind that people all over the globe enjoy these cute little snack/toy combos. Nevermind that the amount of chocolate is rather small, so it’s just a little treat, and not a gazillion calories to pack on. Oh, no. We’re too stupid to break the fragile chocolate egg and eat it separately from the plastic egg that’s rattling around in side it, holding a toy.

That’s how stupid we are.

Anyway, occasionally, some of us make it over the border to somewhere where the children aren’t as addled, and get a few Kinder Eir to snack on, complete with the cute little toys to build.


These are three of the toys that came in some Kinder Eir I had recently.

Excuse me now, hack, cough, hack, I think I ate the fourth guy.

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