250: Tofu and Beans

When you write “tofu and beans” it feels like you’re writing “beans and beans.”


I thought this was probably Sichuan Tofu and Green Beans, but I went back into the archive, and I see that I made Sichuan Tofu with Bok Choy. I suspect this is a teriyaki tofu with the beans, but who can be sure?

Dude. This is so wrong. I was really headed down the path of becoming a food blog, but I can’t remember what I made, what (if any recipe I used), or even what — with a picture, even — the meal actually was.

I think that’s Kimchee along side. I remember the kimchee not being that great, and us deciding we maybe didn’t really need to eat that again. Good kimchee is good. Bad kimchee . . . is compost.

Michael informs me that it was Bul Go Gi Tofu . . . which makes the kimchee make a lot more sense . . . Korean-flavoured tofu with Korean side dish . . . ahh, yes, this makes more sense.

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