Week 32a: ECOR in the Park, 10 August 2008, 10am

Michael was asked to come and play (guitar) this morning at the annual ECOR in the Park service, which was very cold, and nearly rained out.  We stayed for the potluck afterward, but went home to nap and warm up soon following, because we were chilled through.  It’s 66F in the greatroom as I write this, which is pleasant after several 90+ degree days . . . but I’m [now] wearing two shirts and am still a little cool.

My hat came in doubly useful this morning, as no one brought an offering plate, and the acolytes asked to borrow my hat. I almost scored some extra cash, as it stuck in the inside band when they inverted it, but a wee bit of shaking, and the change was freed. This adds two communions to the count, as we had it at both 8 and 10.

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