165: Who Doesn’t like Jesus?

I think it surprises a lot of Christians that other people like Jesus.

I mean, who doesn’t like Jesus? Love other people, take care of the poor . . . all that shit that Christians forget he was really into . . . it all makes it kind of hard not to like Jesus.

Fundamentalist Christians have a hard time trying to understand that people can really like Jesus without thinking that he’s the son of God, their own personal savior, and the only way to heaven.

To them, it’s like saying, “I like Twinkies, but only the filling part.”

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2 Responses to 165: Who Doesn’t like Jesus?

  1. Teresa says:

    yeah…these are both true, from my lookout. Its hard to build a life on that creamy white filling alone.

  2. Crimson Wife says:

    The non-Christians I know typically have great respect for Jesus of Nazareth- they just don’t accept him as the Messiah. As a Christian, I do believe they’re missing the most important part of His teachings, but the best way I know to share the Gospel is by trying my hardest to live by the example He set. It’s my responsibility to let God’s love for the world embodied in Christ’s great sacrifice reflect through my words and actions.

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