148: Laundromat

I’m sitting in a laundromat for the first time in close to 20 years.  My very first appliance (not counting my dorm fridge) was a washing machine that Smith (my grad school roommate) and I purchased my first year of graduate school.  An old friend of mine, who used to work in a laundromat, swears by laundromats for huge and/or overwhelming loads of clothing.  In this case, I have a boatload of bedding and no dryer, so I figured that the laundromat was in my future (now my present).

That’s the “six load” machine.  It’s $6 and will take 60#.  (Oooh — it might be the machine of the beast).

I’ve got two comforters and five standard pillows in it.  I suspect I could have added more, but I really wanted room for good cleaning to happen.  I have two duvet covers, five pillowcases and five pillow covers in a “regular” machine ($1.50), and another “body” pillow in a second “regular” machine (also $1.50, but that pillow is green, and I’m bleaching the hell out of everything else).  Hmm.  There’s a pillow in the six loader that I don’t think it going to get, er, white again.  It keeps rolling past the window and making me twitch.

We may, shortly, be declaring pillow bankruptcy and starting again by replacing them . . . if this hot hot wash and super hot drying doesn’t pan out.  (Die dustmites, die!)

Ooh — there goes the extra rinsing . . . yeah . . . that pillow is not reverting to white.  It’s just not happening.

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  1. e says:

    Sometimes one must just breakdown and buy new pillows like oh I don’t know every 2 or so years. They just get gross

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