What, Then, Shall We Do?

Okay . . . so the blondes have voted to return to ECOR in January, which means the 52 Churches Project will be coming to a close, but several of you have asked me how you will get your Jen-blog fix if I’m not writing about visiting churches?

Here’s a few of the ideas I’ve been kicking around for the blog for 2009 . . . let me know what you think:

52 Dinners (wherein, in an attempt to create and foster community, Jen invites people to dinner)
365 Dinners (wherein Jen becomes a food blogger)
52 New Things (wherein Jen chronicles Farmergirl’s 13th year, the year in which she hopes to try new things)
Writing the 52 (wherein Jen chronicles turning the 52 Churches Project into a book)
___________ (wherein Jen loves the idea you’ve submitted, and does that)

Well, let me know what’s on your mind.


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5 Responses to What, Then, Shall We Do?

  1. zachary says:

    Well, I definitely vote for writing the book, as I have already mentioned how much I am looking forward to it all in portable form. That being said, I am captivated by the 52 dinners idea as well. My goal for 2009 being to simplify what I can( please stop snickering) and get rid of what I can, I hope to have more time for dinner.
    I also like the chronicle of the 13th year of Al.

  2. e says:

    How about 52 new and realatively easy Knitting projects ie the robot.

  3. e says:

    If you stay in France, Barkly can go to Hawaii with me. He would make a great lava dog. Not that he likes me of course but if he has no choice he might learn to tollerate me and I bet he would scare the Mormon Meth freeks off. Good Barkley!

  4. Jen says:

    Well . . . realize that if this election is stolen . . . er . . . “contested” like the last two, I’m applying for asylum in France and not coming back for Thanksgiving.

    (Don’t tell Barkley; he’ll be devastated that he lost the Jen).

    I’m not sure I can hack political commentary for a whole year.

  5. Our Gra says:


    It is your honesty and clarity of thought that causes me to appreciate this blog. I would certainly like you to write the book. However, … Since we are going to have a new administration, have you considered commenting on the political scene? You are great at cutting through the Bull Sh*t. What do you and Michael think is happening with the country? Most importantly, what do you think the consequences will be for you and for Farmergirl?

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