Week 1: ECOR: Epiphany Sunday, 6 January 2008

This is a picture of me, drawn by my friend Willow this morning. Willow’s five, and she and her brothers often sit with us at ECOR, because her parents are in the choir. She informs me that it is a picture of me in my brown dress. The actual dress is not see-through, and if it were, you’d notice that my legs and arms are fatter than pictured here, though she got the torso pretty much spot-on.

The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection is located near the corner of Sullivan and 8th in The City of Spokane Valley. Most people say “E-core in the Valley,” unless they’re in southern California. If you read the page about the project, you already know that we have a history with ECOR, and it wasn’t a “new to us” church, as many of those that will follow will be. When we first made the transition to Holy Trinity, we had several remaining obligations at ECOR, the final one of which was that last year, after a mix up that resulted in two people bringing two Kings’s Cakes on two Sundays–and my husband getting the ring from the one cake, and my daughter getting the ring from the next cake–it was pretty much destined that we would be bringing the King’s Cake this year.

The Sunday included the celebration of Epiphany, Induction of two new members to Daughters of the King, Baptisms, and taking down the Christmas decorations. Although the Rector, Brian Prior, is known for the brevity of his sermons (I clocked the shortest at 4 minutes: 35 seconds the third week of June, 2002, when we were living in Spokane for the summer and attending ECOR)–and this one was certainly no exception–this was a long service.

ECOR Bulletin

As inclusion-as-an-expression-of-love has been on my mind and near my heart of late, I made three King’s Cakes: a gluten-free chocolate torte, a pound cake, and a traditional Louisiana-style yeast-bread King’s Cake, and I divided the goodies among the different cakes, so that nearly every one got coins, trinkets, or the ring. Also on the menu were cardamom bread with honey butter and fruited oatmeal with cream. With almost no leftovers at the end, I consider it a success.

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