355: Celtic Eucharist, St. David’s, 9 January 2009

Like many other late-December functions, the Solstice Celtic Eucharist at St. David’s (scheduled for Dec 18, 2008), was canceled, and pushed off until January, after Epiphany. At this latitude, we are still in darkness more than half the day, so a Solstice service isn’t really that far off any time between November and February . . . we’re still in the cold and the dark.

We got an invite from the lovely Brit Keeton, who was also the violinist for the evening (mandolin, flute, violin, bodhran, and piano for Celtic music — Michael said he would have brought his guitar, but I said that was “bluegrass” and not “Celtic”).

What I really liked about the service was that it was a local example of some of the creative liturgical things folks are doing . . . I’ve proposed (and been green-lighted) to do a liturgical seminar with the option of developing some interesting services for the 9am service at Resurrection (which we find ourselves back at, to Farmergirl‘s great delight).

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