340: Jobs Programs for the Middle Class

I once worked for a literacy organization who served the homeless and other economically disadvantaged groups, the head of which used to say that too many social services organizations are really just jobs programs for the middle class. He was devoted to hiring the populations we served, which came, as you might imagine, with its own set of challenges — in particular because business mores are middle/upper class mores.

We’ve attended a lot of older churches, many of which had parsonages with the properties, most of which, because clergy seldom live in them these days, have been pressed into service as fellowship halls, food or clothing distribution centers, and things of that sort. One church used it as a housing program for middle class youth, and it was then that Richard’s point came home to me.

It’s hard to work with economically disadvantaged populations and the homeless . . . it’s messy (and sometimes dangerous) The middle class is going to keep property in repair like you would . . . it’s easy (and not particularly messy or dangerous).

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