Kingdom Hall Announcement 4/27/2008

The number one search that has resulted in hits to the 52 Churches Project in the last few days is from people looking to find out what the Kingdom Hall Announcement of 4/27/2008 was going to be.

Specifically,people using the search terms:

“announcement in kingdom hall”
“kingdom hall announcement”
“jehovah witness and bookstudy 2009”
“kingdom hall announcement”
“announcement on sunday at kingdom hall”
“kingdom hall announcement for april 27th”


“announcement at the kingdom hall today”

have found this blog . . . and, since there’s folks looking, and I’m always curious . . .

I’ve done a little research, and come upon this recording, which purports to be the announcement of a change in the home Bookstudy to a Congregation Bible Study that is in conjunction with the service meeting.

The link is from the Governing Body Letters blog, which definitely has a bias, and I did not find any information on the Watchtower site to corroborate it. (But as a person who tried to use that site to find a service, I’m not sure I’d qualify the site as particularly useful for that kind of practical information about meetings/services/etc.).

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