312: Botticelli’s Spaghetti Ice

Botticelli’s is a little icecream place down in Temple Bar, in Dublin.
It was a chilly night out, and Michael was already cold (probably the beginning of the nasty chest cold he’s now hacking up), so he ordered chocolate cake.
Chocolate cake is a tease . . . they’re all beautiful, but only some deliver.
Farmerteen noticed the menu while I was staring at the case of flavours.
“What’s spaghetti icecream?” she asked.
“What?!? Oh! We have to get that!” I haven’t had spaghetti ice since I was last in Germany. I didn’t even know anyone else did it.
It’s not cold spaghetti. It’s gelato that’s been passed through a press, and has a raspberry sauce, and white chocolate shavings. We used to get it for the “new kids” when we were in Germany, ordered, in German, “ohne sahne” (no whipped cream), and then giggle as they tentatively tried it. The Germans use a hazelnut gelato for theirs. This one had two gelatos, a vanilla, and what Farmerteen identified as “cakey dough”, but what was labeled “flor-something-or-another.” It did taste like cakey dough.

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  1. e says:

    Ok I want some, make it soon I will even drive to the mountain, unless there is lots of snow. Sooo glad you are home. Will you be at the 9am tomorrow? The Bish will be

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