308: Opa’s Birthday Dinner

My dad never wants anything for his birthday (or Christmas, or anniversary . . .). He’s also no good at saving up what he wants as a list, and then requesting that. So I decided to cook a dinner he really likes for his birthday.
It started with Netherlands Baked Kale, an adapted recipe from Burt Greene’s Greene on Greens.
One of my adaptations has been the addition of a little bacon or bit and ends. I forgot to stir them into this one, so I sprinkled them on top after I pulled it from the oven.
This is the euphemistic sauce. It involves a stick of butter, a bunch of chopped shallots, some tarragon, and then is finished with tarragon vinegar. You know, pretty much anything that involves a stick of butter and onions/garlic/shallots is going to be quite good.
I also made him an apple pie. I confess I cheated and used Pillsbury crusts (they’re in the fridge section). I macerated the apples with lemon and sugar, drained them, and boiled down the juices before I popped it in the oven. It turned out really well.

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