Crosswalk Community Church

This week we went to Crosswalk. There was good music and sermon. The fellowship was great. It was nice to see good fellowship where everyone¬† knows everyone and you can tell one someone’s new, as compared to the mega churches where no one really can tell if you’re new, they’re just in their little cliques.

On the music front, it was nice to go to a church that did music all the way through the service instead of a lot at the beginning and one song at the end. The music was nice because the words went with the the beat and their words were good. It was catchy and easy to sing at this church.

I would give [the music] a 10.  It is the only church so for that I have ever been to that ever been to that had music this good.

The sermon was about being accepted as a Christian or not.
Like some people not may accept you unless you pray a certain way or live a certain way. The sermon was saying as a Christian you should accept people any way. I give it an 8.

The people were very nice and talked to us, [the church had] good music, and not a bad sermon.  I give it 7.

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