365 Tings: The 2009 (er, ’10) Project

At its most basic, Tings is what you get when you try to type “things” and miss the “h.” Many mornings, from his office, Michael IMs me, with “How’s are tings?” It’s one of those goofy family words, like mookie (monkey), mo (smell), or mernie (hammer).

Tings, from Robert's American Gourmet, the official snack food mascot of this blog

Tings, the official snack food mascot of this blog

Since I couldn’t decide on a specific project (and because Michael’s plan for me for this year is that I write the 52 Churches book and work on my novel), but I’ve had lots of requests for me to continue the blog, I’ve decided to do 365 Tings . . . musings and recipes and knitting and whatever else floats my boat on a given day. The original 52 Churches Project will still be available here, though I’ve restructured it slightly. Click on the 52 Churches Project from the home page, and navigate from there.

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