Last Church: WooooooHoooooo!


This week was our last church it was called Spokane Christian Center. It was one of my least favorite services of all year. It’s was long and kind of boring my dad fell asleep. It was two painful hours long.

They had a baptism which was odd,a long long long sermon, and interesting music.

They stared with music and we did about twenty twenty five minutes of music and that was it on the music front. I really really dislike it when a church does a ton of music so I’m in pain. Because I have been nonstop sing for a while and then there is no more music at all. The music itself was good, but the lyrics were dreadful and even worse to try to sing with the music.

Then they had a baptism were the priest did not know the baby’s name or gender. When he called the family up he said, “Let’s have the family come up here and gather around it. Yes, it. The pastor called the baby it. That was weird; at first, I thought he just was not saying it because he was going to say it later. I was wrong.

The sermon kind of went every where. At first it seemed the pastor was talking about dreaming like when you’re asleep. He talked about the dream world, and the was odd. Then it seemed that he was talking about dreams like, “It’s my dream to be a vet when I’m older” kind of dream. He talked about how a person can take away the dream god gave you. It was all very confusing for over an hour, so my dad got a nap.

The music with the good music itself was good, but the words left something to be desired, so it was okay. I give it a 3. The baptism was interesting. The sermon was awful; it gets a 1. Some people said hi, so they get a 5. Over all it was a 4.

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