St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Yakima, WA

On the winter weekend we ran the service at the Episcopal church St. Timothy’s. It was very interesting sermon on how it is important to read the Bible and to stick with god though the good and the bad times and he did through telling a story.

It was a very loving, open, and surprised congregations because they where sharing their church with 41 teens and 15 of them were doing the service. For example, I read the first lesson. I think some of the up sides the service where that there was a good sermon and good lessons and some of the down sides are that we kneeled a lot and there was no music. But over all it was a good service.

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  1. Jen says:

    I’d probably start with contacting the Rector, (we live in Spokane — Farmerteen was just visiting there with the diocesan youth).

  2. David Ramsey-Warner says:

    I am looking for an email/phone number for the choir director at St Timothys-Yakima. I am the music director for the barbershop chorus and Central Lutheran Church-Yakima.

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