We went to the One*.

The sermon was about serving others for God with out a reason, no matter what, even if you don’t know them.

There was one clip of Oprah’s Big Win. They used the clip to show people that were giving money to people in need of it, and the people giving the money hugged the people they were giving the money to. The pastor used the clip to show the people on Oprah serving strangers, but the pastor just blew off the fact the people giving the money away said they were going to be extra nice so they could win the prize on Oprah.

So I think that was a bad clip to show because the people seemed to be acting nice just to win, so I will give the sermon a 5.

The music was loud very loud, even from the very back of the room it still hurt my ears. Also their worship music was rock, which I do not care for because it is very distracting and and nobody sings (or, even if they do, you can’t tell). The singers have mikes to be heard over the loud music, and all of the songs sound exactly the same. So I give the music a 2.

Over all I give One* 6.

Jen’s note: I don’t know how a sermon of 5 and music of 2 result in an overall rating of 6 . . . . Personally, assuming they carry the same rate, I’m thinking it’s a 3.5, max.

I’m going to claim that her dad is in charge of the math, and absolve myself of responsibility.

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